Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'm BACK...Finally!

Ok Blog World...I feel the Need to Blog again! I am going to be so Rusty trying to figure this all out again! LoL But Im getting really Excited for this new little addition coming into our Lifes and Want to Post some FUN Summer Pics..OH and wait back to school Pics too! Much to catch up on..ONE POST at a TIME!! Lol  More to COME..Including Pics of my Ultrasound..YES our SOON to be Little MAN!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

SHARING some Excited NEWS on this DAY of LUV!!

YES....I am PREGANT!!!
~The Best Thing EVER to announce on Valentines DAY~
a NEW Little Bundle of LOVE is coming in OCTOBER!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

MoMenTs Like THIS!!

If you know me at ALL..You know I LOVE taking Pictures...Especially Moments when they dont even know I am their! Here are some FUN Memories of the Girls in the Last Month!

Tea Party: Ashlyn was so SWEET with Brooklyn

Brooklyn's First Hair Cut...She would not get on the Chair unless Kaylie was Holding her..She ADORES her Sisters!

I Finally Got her Hair in a Little PonyTail..I was so PROUD!

Sisterly Moment..Kaylie Loves Books & Ashlyn wanted her to Read it to Her!

Awww..My Sleeping Snuggly Beauties

Bath Time with Brooklyn: She LOVES,LOVES her baths

She is SO Full of LIFE

Daddy Daughter Moments...My Girls Truly ADORE their Dad

I cant Believe it is 2010..I am so Excited to bring in a NEW Year with New Family Adventures & Maybe even a New little Baby Bundle!  Joy in the Journey..Lets hope I can Keep this Attitude all Year Through! :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ashlyn Nicole's 7th Birthday Bash!

I TRULY Cant Believe that Ashlyn is 7! It seems Like Yesterday she was just my Little Baby Girl!
She For SURE had a Great Birthday..She was One SPOILED Sweet Girlie!

We Took her to her Favorite Place for Lunch Craigo's She is Obsessed with Noodles!

Daddy Came & She got her Very OWN Cake

She went to Blast Off with all her Favorite Friends..Her COUSINS!

Cousins are THE BEST!

Havin FUN with Kallie in the Ball Pit

After Blast Off we went to Aunt Kelly's & Uncle Jon's for Yummy Cake & Ice Cream
Lucky GIRL Got $30 from Grandma & Grandpa Spitzer in South Carolina
I am a CHILD of God book from Grandma & Grandpa Payne

Sadie & Aunt Stef

Such FUN Gifts

We Love You Ashlyn Nicole..We are so Blessed to have such a Sweet,Loving Little Girl! xoxo

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas & Family = LOVE

We had the Payne Family Christmas Party on the 23rd...It was Lots of Laughter,Love,Loudness & So Much FUN!!
Grandma & Grandpa with all the Grandkids and their ADORABLE Pj's

The Cutest Cheetah Girl Cousins!

I am so GRATEFUL for the Most Amazing Sis in laws

All the Payne Kids with Mom and Dad

Stef and I

Connor & Sophie..Just Love them!

Cousin LOVE

Kaylie & Sadie..The Cutest Friends

The Bestest Friends Ash & Kallie

Ry and I cooking up some Yummy Treats!

Christmas Eve:  Gotta Love the Traditional Pj's

Awww.. I Love my Girls..Just Before Bed time & SO Excited!

Christmas Morning: Santa was NICE..mp3 player & DS

Thanks Grandma Spitzer for ALL the Adorable CLOTHES!!

And  Grandma & Grandpa Payne for the Fun Toys

Brookie Loves her Presents

Brooklyn Kate Loves her Dollie Carriage from Santa

Kaylie & Ashlyn giving Brookie LOVE


Ashlyn has been Asking for Glasses to wear For a LONG time! She has PERFECT vision but Always thought it would be So FUN to wear glasses..WILL sure enough Santa brought her some in her Stocking!
*If Mom knew how TRULY Adorable she looked in them I would have bought them for her Sooner..Thanks goodness for SANTA! :-)

Just Some Fun Mother Daughter Pics before heading out to Look at Christmas Lights!

I cant Believe how FAST this Last Week went!! I have mixed Emotions..I am HAPPY it was such SPECIAL day & GRATEFUL for all my My FAMILY & Many BLessings..BUT at the Same time so Glad to Bring in a NEW Year and NEW Beginnings!